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Success in development requires discipline, tenacity, intuition, and skill. No one is a born fundraiser, but helps you channel your innate talents and hone your skills to succeed in gift conversations with donors. 

We train boards, senior management, volunteers, and staff, and our sessions are customized to address the challenges and opportunities at each organization we serve. Some of our most popular training sessions include:

  • How to Start a Major Giving Program

  • Moves Management™

  • What to Expect When You're Expecting a Capital Campaign

  • Creating an Integrated Development Program

  • Understanding Major Giving and Overcoming Your Fear

  • High Voltage Donor Communications

  • Planned Giving, Yes You Can!

  • Waltzing the Donor - Connecting with Donors at Events

  • Capital Campaigns: You Don't Have to Rob Peter to Pay Paul

  • Planned Giving Marketing Strategies

  • Donor Advised Giving

  • The Major Giving Calendar


We also provide seminars and workshops at local, regional, and national conferences.

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