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Consulting Services

Our mission, “connecting people with philanthropy,” is central to how we get to know your organization. We help transform your major gift program into a system of optimal donor contact by aligning your fundraising activities and systems with your strategic vision, and we design strategies that help you connect meaningfully with your donors.  Whether we are helping you with your annual major giving program, creating a case statement, or training and advising your board, we work with you to achieve the results you need.


Every non-profit organization can and should have an active, successful major giving program. has a deep and holistic understanding of how to shape your major gift program and provides custom portfolio strategies to help you segment, manage and grow your donor base and substantially increase the size of individual gifts.  


Our clients seek our support in all areas of individual giving, including:


Major and Principal Gifts

Project Fundraising

Giving Club Programs

Capital Campaigns

Estate Giving


We view each donor as a unique individual who invests in your organization's mission and vision. Philanthropy is voluntary, and it is our role as fundraisers to stimulate and help people understand how giving to your organization betters your community. We also work to build impactful, sustainable donor-centered programs. 




Moves Management



Central to our consulting is our vigorous support of Moves Management™, fundraising’s most successful system of working with donors. Moves Management™ is a discipline that, when followed by institutions and development professionals, provides proven results, is track-able, and facilitates getting fundraisers out the door meeting people. helps clients set up their own Moves Management™ system and coaches them on maintaining robust and thoughtful donor interactions. Ultimately, the goal of this system is to help donors achieve impactful philanthropy and for your institution to stimulate and predict their giving with greater accuracy.



Capital Campaign Readiness



We are committed to helping you in your preparations for your capital campaign--from assessment, business plan, board training, leadership, case development and writing. When your institution has done the necessary planning, your capital campaign falls into place much more easily.


Nearly every nonprofit has one or several capital campaigns in its future. Approaching them fully prepared ensures that there will be minimal disruption in your institution's services, plans and activities.


Our help in developing your situation analysis is critical to putting together the necessary action plan and developing budgets and time-lines for this big event. 


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Don't Miss the Obvious

Capital Campaigns



For organizations entering into a capital campaign, offers specialized planning and coaching. We recognize that not all capital campaigns are alike. That is why we do not use boilerplate solutions. We believe that most non-profit organizations have the ability to run their campaigns as staff and volunteer-driven efforts, and we help nonprofits strategize their time and resources accordingly. This translates into a huge savings for your organization and a streamlined effort. Does this eliminate the hard work and planning of a capital campaign? Absolutely not. But we make your campaigns more efficient, guaranteeing that you spend the maximum time with your donors!

Case Development/Writing



Knowing how and what to say to your constituents is essential. From letters to board reports to case statements, brings creativity, experience, and a fresh outlook to the information you’re sending out. We craft compelling communication that helps connect your donors’ philanthropy to your organization.


The heart of donor messaging is your case for support. We work with you to identify key areas where your vision aligns with the needs of your community. Then, we reach out to engage your community, assuring that your story resonates with supporters and motivates them to invest in your mission. has helped many different organizations navigate this process, leading to an exciting, vibrant institutional case for support that forms the talking points for all of your donor communication.

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